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For all the crew members of the spaceship “Earth”.

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The combinations of Land, Air, Water and Biodiversity is an environment as a whole. And in today’s world it has been exploited to an alarming rate. We can see it all happening right in front of our eyes and we chose to ignore it in spite of repetitive messages reminding us about the loss in the environment. In the past 200 years humans have managed to make an irreparable damage to the earth since its existence. We are like the boiling frog in a pot, The climate instability, polluted water, food contamination, dirty energy, Consumption leading to non disposable waste, these are all the issues associated with the environment.
To understand the complexity of our environment,here are few effects of exploitation.

– Climate instability results in sudden rainfall, irregular and sudden change is weather.
– Water pollution affects the quality of land on which our food is grown and affects the marine life as well.
– Air pollution makes it difficult to breath and it acts as a slow poison.
– The loss of animals in the ecosystem disturbs the way the system works.

Over here we understand that the ecosystem is like a huge web and loss of a single string can be disastrous. So it doesn’t make sense to isolate an issues and then fight for it.
Instead of saving “this” and “that” we should concentrate on making people understand the importance of nature. The deforestation which started with an intention to make a place for leaving, has come to a stage where we have companies emitting tones and tones of smoke in the air. This happens when personal interest is kept to a higher priority than public health. They are completely aware about our ignorant nature, and they don’t hesitate to scrutinize us. A new born baby is exposed to such a contaminated air in metropolitan cities. Even the senior citizens have to suffer because they have a diminished immune system are more  prone to diseases. This is how this slow poison is affecting our lives and society.

Solution to save the planet, or to be more specific- if we want a clean and safe habitat for ourselves, we can do it on a very nuclear level. Being as environment friendly as possible and developing that attitude will help us to increase the quality of our life.It all starts in the house we live in.”Save energy”, let it be electricity, water or fuel. Saving energy in any form is essential because our energy sources produceses nondisposable residues and every time we are wasting energy for no reason, let it be a fan left on in your room, you are contributing to the pile of that residue. You can find the methods all over the internet of “How to save energy.” It is high time now that we take the required steps, before it is too late.

Now the damage which is done can be repaired to a certain extent. And the solution goes down in our dustbins. “Seeds”- they are the most wonderful creation of nature. Next time all you have to do is collect them and while you travel, just find a suitable place for it them to grow. Leave the rest to nature. Nature finds its way. If you have any such ideas which can be easy and very effective, leave them in the comment box, we will include them in the next article.

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