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Fools do believe in PR hype

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PR in India has take the entire industry by storm. Each organization is busy making an image in the eyes of the public. They spend millions of Rupees to hire PR professionals or even PR companies just to set their image right in front of the society. This PR storm has touched every industry be it Politics, Healthcare, Entertainment or Education .Each and every sector is busy portraying a perfect image of themselves to the public. The indian public is also carried away by these Images. They believe in what is shown to them rather than using their own brains. A lie told again and again becomes the truth similarly words and images shown to the public becomes the reality.


As the saying goes “what is seen is sold” is completely in accord with our generation. The amount of material circulating about a particular brand or firm in the market either in print TV or social media decides the clutches of that brand on today’s indian. The more they see the more they believe. The PR industry knows this fact to the core and utilize it to drain the resources of the hiring organization. The Top level player sometimes even use the PR industry to spread unethical information to the Indian masses. The PR industry has the power to change people’s belief and play with their mindset. The people after a while lose out on their reasoning power and blankly follow what is shown to them. They even become capable enough to justify their wrong thoughts and can even raise fights to prove themselves right. All their discrimination of right and wrong is made up by the PR and is far away from reality. If only we Indians had the eyes to see through the false images of these industries portrayed by the print and television media and think beyond what is shown and shared with us. Try using our minds more rather than using our eyes, we would have escaped the clutches of this false industry and make correct decisions in many aspects of life. I only the Party hiring the PR Professionals could give in so much time energy and resources to actually make their products or services better rather than building their brand name. both the sides of the industry would be benefitted to a large extent in terms of product and resources. Why can’t we Indian see for yourself before making the wrong choices, why do we have to rely upon this industry so much rather than our own product and capabilities. We Indian run after the clutters that becomes the talk of the town and forget about it once the buzz is over. Our learnings are also very short lived. We forget the mistakes we did in the past of making choices based on what is repeatedly told or shown to us do that same mistake again and again.

If only we could understand that These PR industries have manipulated our mind to such an extent that we believe more in their stories than our own facts and judgements.

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