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Environment Today

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The air we breathe, the water that covers most of the earth’s surface, the plants and animals around us all this is the pined down definition of Environment made by man.

On the bases of theories quoted my humans over time, it is estimated that the planet is billions of years old. And the earth has been through many destruction and has rebuild itself because it is a self correcting system.
The environment consists of small elements which perform there part in role of survival. These small small elements combine together to form an environment.
The specialty of environment is that every element is depended to another for survival. This makes a system which is interconnect and correlated. And it is designed in such a way that no one specie or plant dominates any particular environment.

But In the past 200 years after the boom of industries, humans have managed to destroy the planet more then it was effected in billions of years. The industrial age gave rise to development in chemistry.

But the dark side took over and the power was misused for destruction. And humans forgot that there is no Planet “B” for more experiments. The natural resources stored in the crust of the earth are been exploited for the betterment of humanity.

Man has been successful in its attempts to tame nature to a certain extent, But the planet is an organic spaceship which has its own defense mechanism which works in the form of natural calamities. The planet keeps defending itself
to save this environment. it has been happening and it will continue to happen.