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Drive On NH – 1 To Kargil

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Drive on NH – 1 to Kargil by Pruthvi G.S

Stop @ Drass war memorial (Drass means Hell, temperature hits rock bottom of -60)

Karm hi Dharm
Shastra se Shakti

Unfazed in war, unmatched in peace.

No Agony, No Pain, Shall Make Me Cry. Soldier Was I Born, Soldier Shall I Die. I Live By Chance, Love By Choice !

Mr. Govinda Prasad is living a story and telling it for others to visualise are pretty different things. He took me through the memorial which had pictorial display, it was a recreation of what happened during war, it was Incredibly admirable and still not fully tapped. The best of it was when he pointed towards the Pakistan flag which was captured post defeating the Pak Army. It’s displayed upside down. That emotion while pointing the captured flag in his eyes displayed the PRIDE.

And continues to be so… I find I am full of ideas and the words don’t seem to stop flowing…

Words don’t stop flowing, yet I find it difficult to express the emotions I came across while listening to Mr. Govinda Prasad.

This is my take @ Drass war memorial.

Have the courage to live your dreams. Live life KING / QUEEN size… You only have one shot. Reincarnation may or may not be happening. Even if it does, you’re not likely to remember much of this life in the next one .
Do remember – if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

Lab Dab !

Zinda hoon, Zindagi ka Shukriya !

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