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Drink and DrIvE

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“The driver is safe when the roads are dry and the roads are safer when the driver is dry.”

Whats wrong in getting high on saturday night? Its a fun weekend which should be enjoyed. So you go to a party, get drunk and when the party dies you move home screwed up! You get behind the wheels and race your car in full speed to flaunt your impeccable driving skills. Thats not the end. Do you think you are driving fine?
drinking and driving


Well the answer in NO. Drunk driving is a term which is used when a person drives under the influence of alcohol. Even if you drink less amount of alcohol your ability to drive is impaired. Alcohol stimulates your brain and tricks your body, by which you feel extra confident about your driving skills. But the fact is alcohol slows down your central nervous system including your brain. And you start losing your control.

Your car starts moving hastily. Eventually you lose control over your car and bump into innocent souls! Yes, innocent homeless people who sleep on the pavement become victim. What was their fault? Don’t they deserve to sleep peacefully after a hard day at work? Your vehicle becomes responsible for taking someone’s life. Some die, some get paralyzed, some become handicapped for life because of your single mistake of driving after getting drunk!

Your delightful weekend changes into a nightmare. You get trapped in the guilt trip for your entire life. What started as a fun party night ended in a life changing disaster. You blame yourself or your bad luck but certain things remain as a lifelong agony.


Drinking is an individual choice. Nobody can stop you from it but at the same time you have to be cautious that it doesn’t hamper someone elses life!