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Effects of anger on society.

Effects of anger on society.

A stupid driver on the road, Something or someone in the family or even an event from the past can make people angry. But the fact is anger is a basic human tendency, and it is difficult to survive without anger.

The question is why do we get angry?
The shield that we maintain around us is violated, and that makes us angry. Something or someone has tried to change what we always try to cherish within us. And as a human being we will always try to defend ourselves.

As a person is born, he/she is just a mind for which everything is a wonder. It is a ball of clay which wants to molds itself but this mind is given labels like religion, race, place which they belong and what they will be in the future. The thirst of knowledge to understand the world leaves the mind with lot of questions.
The pursuit of knowledge makes the mind frustrated. And the questions of this frustrated minds are answered with illogical theories. That is the time when the spirit of fighting for answers is broken and what is taught by the society has to be accepted. The ball of clay which could be a masterpiece has to fit inside the social frame and has to look like the others.

The minds which chose to ignorance there anger or suppress it, the anger finds its way out of the mind in other ways like speech or behaviour. The minds which handle their anger properly and use it for a proper purpose have a very positive effect on the society. But the once which cannot, can have a very negative impact on the society. They are like loose cannons, flaring all around.

So is it good or bad?
Well that is a matter of self control and choice. But the following points are helpful.

It is very important to understand the power of anger and what its effects can be on the society.

It is important to understand others beliefs and their space and treat it with all the deserving respect.

It is important to understand what our anger can do to others life and how it might backfire in future.

It is important to learn to use anger for self improvement and overall progress than using it for destruction or putting someone down.