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Decision to DIE with DIGNITY

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Decision to DIE with DIGNITY

This is the story of Britany Maynard.
She is twenty nine years recent.
And she has solely twenty five days left to measure life.
On NOV 1st 2014, she plans to die.

She says:
“I can die upstairs in my sleeping room.
I will pass peacefully with some music that i favor within the background. “

Brittany is plagued by stage four Brain Cancer.
She was married late last year.
Shortly afterwards she started having headaches.

In January, doctors told her she had stage 1 of Brain Cancer.
They gave her 3-10 years of life expectancy.

But then in Apr, the news got even worse.
Her cancer was currently stage four.
(The worst it will get)
Doctors told her she currently have six months.

“I would like there was a cure for my sickness, however there is not.”

Brittany was living within the Bay space.
But once learning she was getting to die before long, she and her family shifted to Portland, Oregon.

The reason: OREGON features a “Death with Dignity” law.
That means she will have the liberty to select the date, of when she can finish her life, rather than suffering.

Brittany says:
“I can’t even tell you the relief.
There is not a cell in my body that’s self-destructive or that desires to die.
(But) my brain tumor goes to kill ME and it is a terrible, terrible thing to live in this feeling.
Being able to decide is a smaller amount relief.”

So NOV 1st 2014, she plans to die :

“I extremely wished to celebrate my husband’s birthday, that is October thirty.
I’m getting sicker, managing a lot of pain and seizures and difficulties thus I simply chosen it.”

She will use medication prescribed by her doctor.

“I conceive to be enclosed by my immediate family, my mother, my step-father and my husband.”

During her last days, she has been traveling.
She loves the outside.
She’s gone to Yellowstone Park and Alaska.
She hopes to visit the Grand Canyon, however time is running out.

Brittany has created a video regarding her life and imminent death.


Here’s a link if you’d wish to see it and read in detail.

At the end of the video, she features a message for everyone:

“Make certain you’re not missing out.
Seize the day.
What does one care about?
What matters?
Pursue that.
Forget the remainder.”

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