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Cost of your beauty is someone’s life !

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People say, “Beauty is skin deep. A woman’s soul defines her beauty.”

But does this statement stand true? Women today are beautiful, pretty, curvy, hot, sensuous, voluptuous, sexy and PLASTIC.!
“Plastic is smokey-eyes, red hot lips, artificial blusher, and those expensive fairness creams.”

Plastic beauty
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Today’s generation defines hotness as a sultry appearance full of make up. And then enters the TV commercials who show how worthless your natural beauty is which can be manipulated by the toxic cosmetics! Well agreed. There is nothing wrong in enhancing ones beauty. Women are stunning creatures, with assets and traits which are unique and enchanting to everyone.We live in a world where our physical appearance attracts more attention than our intelligence. A Girl is judged by how sexy and curvaceous her body is and not how beautiful her heart is!

A girl
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Women and make up has ever lasting relationship. Be it kajal, lipstick or mascara, a woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without its presence.BUT have u ever wondered that your beauty can cost someone’s life? Do you know before manufacturing the cosmetic products it is tested on animals to verify the safety and allergies of the product!

Animal testing in the development of cosmetics involves testing a finished product on animals like rabbits,mice,rats and other animals. The products are applied to the mucous membranes of animals, including nose,eyes and mouth, to find whether they cause allergic or other reactions. Methods of testing cosmetics on animals include irritation or corrosion to their skin or eyes. And such is the process they have to go through :
The process of animal testing
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What happens to them after this ?

Well, its a fact that cosmetics are routinely tested on animals before they are cleared for human use. Since many experiments conducted on animals are actually considered minimally invasive, these animals will be used again for the testing purposes in another experiment. Which means they have to go through the same pain all over again!! Some animals are euthanized using a gas that is inhaled and results in their rapid death. The animal is put into a chamber where it will be forced to inhale carbon monoxide. Another method is decapitating or breaking the animal’s spine. Is all this acceptable?



It is time to understand the true definition of beauty. Get rid of plastic and believe in organic.