Changla Pass @ 17688

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Changla Pass @ 17688 by Pruthvi G.S


A Salute to Indian Army.
Unforgettable Day with Mr.Harjit Singh & Mr.Gurpreet Singh !

When I am busy forgetting the mundane day, being away from my daily routine, there I got two amused eyes asking me Why am I here ? Before I could answer, there came the extension of question, which probably rather than a question was an emotion from them which only a Family member gets with concern, why am I risking myself, depriving myself of Oxygen. When I was shuttling between 13000 Ft to 18000 Ft, They both shuttling between 18000 ft to 22000 Ft being deprived of Oxygen, asking me with concern , am I alright ! That’s when I realised that they aren’t deprived of oxygen, but FAMILY.

Eyes have a language. That connected. Wanted to capture the moment, asked their permission for a click, do I need to mention what a BIG BROTHER would have said. It was a click for me which was out of my excitement but it wasn’t just a click for him, it was a HUG from him to me. Yes they are deprived of their FAMILIES.

I have never been inclined towards any big personality, but believe me you, I wanted to talk to them, be with them for some more time, I was wanting to touch & feel them. Figured out a pen & paper to take an autograph from both of them. They did sign with their eyes filled with TEARS, breaking my dried eyes roll out of tears. Had 2 cups of ginger tea with his eyes staring my eyes. Their Convoy had to move & so did he, He got up & with folded hands said a NAMASKARA but this time without connecting his eyes to me. I won’t be able to forget this in my LIFETIME. He purposefully detached his eyes.

Paa Ji, aapne jo Jappi di, that’s for your Father, Mother, ur better half, ur Son, ur Daughter.

Aapko Ek Jappi meri taraf se. I shall return back next year for my Jappi.

Lab Dab.

Zinda hoon mai, Zindagi ke liye Shukriya !

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