Be the change, you wish to see

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“An activist is a person who brings good notable changes in the way a society functions.”

We all appreciate the so called ‘Social activists’ for their efforts in changing the society because we are too occupied or fearful to do that ourselves. Bringing a change in society is not some rocket science. You dont have to go to protest or lobby government to challenge the societal inequality. We are never going to live in the world where everyone is given equal opportunity. At the same time inequality is not some huge bubble which is impossible to pierce.

Everyone gets equal opportunities to learn new stuff daily. So why not make hay while the sun shines! So if you are genuinely interested in creating a powerful world of equality bring some changes within yourself.

Here are some common mistakes people do:

1. Interrupt while people talk

This quality of a person is the most annoying one. We all believe that what we have to say is far more important than what the other person is saying. So we start poking our nose in that topic and unnecessarily raise our points. Its always important be a good listener and let the other person raise his opinion rather than you raising your voice!
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2. Make Racist or Sexist jokes

People tend to think that freedom of speech gives them the freedom to make hideous racist or sexist jokes on others. Its not illegal to laugh at others. But why make someone feel terrible? Light humor is always appreciated but not when it hurts someone’s sentiments.
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3. Make jokes about Rape

Rape is a very sensitive topic. The person who suffers through it is emotionally devastated and robbed of faith in herself and others. Looking at its sensitivity its always better to treat this subject with caution and instead try to make this world a safer place to live!

4. Being Ignorant about the injustice you witness

If you come across anyone making nasty comments on others, raise your voice against it. If you see anyone eve teasing you should defend the girl.
It is shameful if you don’t act against any cruelty you witness.


5. Not apologizing when its your fault

Human emotions is embedded with high ego. If its your fault you should learn to accept it. Playing the blame game is the easy way out but it takes true guts to accept your mistake and apologize for it.

its not my fault
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6. Say words without filtering

You intensions can be clean but what comes out of your mouth has larger impact on others. When you say, “Oh. That is so Gay!” you are associating homosexuality with some negativity. What matters here is not your intention but its impact. So filter your words before commenting!
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7. Make fun of other’s viewpoint

Everyone goes through different experiences in life. They may not have experienced the situations which you might have. Its always appreciated if we empathize their situation and respect their feelings.
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8. Ignore social movements

This is the case with social movements like civil rights, feminism and environmental issues. Just because you think this issues are not important doesn’t mean they have no importance. If you come across any social movements, just support it.

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9- Demanding Sex

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Everyone craves for it but you should never force your craving on others. Be prepared to take NO as an answer. Do not push your fantasies on other person or pressurise on what you want. Your desire don’t overrides other.

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10- Stereotype genders

Females are often stereotyped as dumb sex object. We assume that females are incapable of doing engineering and scientific work and men are incapable of doing household chores. We should not assume the level of intelligence or knowledge on the basis of gender!

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This isn’t a lot that can be expected from anyone who wants to live in this powerful world of equality!