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Banish dark circles

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Here is some home remedies that can help rid of dark circles.

  • Crush 10 mint leaves and grate half a cucumber. Prepare a paste and apply it to reduce the fatigued look. In case if you don’t have the time then you could simply place cucumber slices.
  • Soak almond overnight. Then prepare a paste and add a few drops of lime juice. This paste works well to reduce darkness under the eyes.
  • Dark circles are usually a sign of dehydration in the body. Make sure that you drink at least two litres water daily.
  • Apply a mixture a tomato puree, besan and few drops of lime juice to get relief.
  • Revamp your diet too. Cut down the intake of very oily and spicy foods. Also, keep a watch on how much salt you intake as it contains a fluid retention property that causes dehydration. Eat a diet rich and fresh fruits and vegetables to provide the body with essential vitamins minerals and anti-oxidants that aid in having good skin.
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