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Are Psychopaths humans?

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Laughter of a child is the most beautiful voice, But ‘S’laughter is just a letter away from laughter.

We live in a society which consists of all types of people, we have well wishers, Social workers, warm hearted people who are very empathetic towards society.  But at the same time there are people who are hard to understand. They are coined as “Psychopaths”.

Humans brain is a entangled concept itself, and after numerous permutations and combinations every individual gets there own identity. There are traces which prove that psychopaths have a serious medical brain conditions, but at the same time there are evidences of desires in people lacking these medical conditions. So it is very complex to come up with a conclusions about a psychopath.

But the curiosity drives many questions “What makes a person a psychopath?” “Are they acceptable by society?” “Can they be cured?” A common trace in most cases is early abuse. They cling to the helpless feeling when they were abuse. That feeling dominates there desire to repeat what had happened. Humans do only things which give them satisfactions, it can be feeling of eating or sex. To attain that state of satisfaction there is a loop of actions. If we take smoking for that matter, the loop of doing it again and again keeps them satisfied.

It is difficult for psychopath to distinguish pleasure from pain, right form wrong. The lobs in the brain which control the feeling of happiness and Aggression are very close to each other. That is just natures way to play games with humans. The biology and psychological condition of a psychopaths explains there conditions but it is difficult for them to fit in the society at the same time it is difficult for the society to accept them.

Everybody in this born with empathy and morality, Ethics are rules imposed through religion or culture that the individual is born up with. So Are Psychopaths humans?  or It is the society that makes them and the plays with them till the time they die?