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All looped up

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Mumbai’s faux-winter may not be cold enough for a full-sleeved sweater but evenings are definitely nippy enough to bring out a trusted scarf or a stole to snuggle into if not an entire jacket. Street stalls in the season are overloaded with scarves in a variety of texture and materials such as pashmina cashmere silk etc. it’s not just about the sung effect bright colors and varied pattern if worn right can also add much-needed funk to a drab jeans and t-shirt look or a thick winter dress. Stylists suggest a few ways to rope a colorful scarf and jazz up your outfit while keeping the neck suitably layered and protected.
A warm tuck: this rap is perfect for a chilly evening. Fold the scarf around your neck as many times as you can and take care to layer it with one loop longer than the other. Tuck the ends underneath ideally behind your cover your entire neck area but don’t let it look bunched. Looks best with a dressy jacket or a blazer since it won’t hide the sharp collars.
Go square: this work best with a square shaped scarf. Fold the square into half to from a triangle. Stretch the triangle in front of the your neck (upside down with the triangle pointing downward). Wrap the ends around the hang in front. If there are tassels at the end make sure they fall in front added effect. In case your scarf isn’t square but a large rectangle simply fold it in half and then a little more from one end to make square shape. Fold it in half and wrap it around as mentioned above you won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s great for a casual looks with jeans and t-shirt.
Hair up in knots: If you are, out for the day and can’t be bothered tugging the scarf along in your already over-flowing bag this is a nifty trick to have it handy for when it gets chilly. Takes your scarf and fold it into a width you like vertically. Once folded place it at the point on your head that looks good on you. Too far back and too far forward are harder positions to your scarf under your hair and tie them in a bow or a knot to the side as you prefer. A knot stays better but a bow is easier to take out after a long day out. Fold in any loopy ends into the headband to keep the knot neat. Goes great with a dress and is a great decoy for a bad hair day.
Classic ties: this is a basic when in doubt knot for a scarf perfect for cold days where you don’t want to put in much effort but don’t want to drown under a shawl either. Fold the scarf vertically first then horizontally bring the ends of your scarf together folding them in half. Drape the folded scarf around the back of and pull the ends through it.