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8 Perfect Hair Care Tips To Avoid Morning Locks

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nullIf your morning bed head is more scary than sexy, then you definitely know how stressful it is to tame those locks while racing against time to get out of home. Well, we help make life a bit easier with a few ways to prep you      r mane before bedtime for effortlessly lush hair in the morning. Follow these nighttime tips for your hair to wake up feeling gorgeous. Rise and shine beautiful!

1. Overnight Conditioning

Bring some extra nourishment to your tired and dry strands with a leave-in conditioner, especially on your ends. They will penetrate your hair shaft while you sleep to give you softer locks when you wake up. We love Bumble and Bumble Leave In Conditioner for some lush, silky smoothness and extra hydration in your locks.
2. Some Old-School Oiling
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Our grandmas were right when it came to oiling our locks for some healthy mane magic. Bring out the coconut oil and settle in for a good old champi before the slumber kicks in. Twist your hair into a knot or braid and wash it out in the morning for noticeably shinier and stronger strands of locks.
3. Brush Away
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If you’re one who rarely picks up the hairbrush then this is one nighttime routine you need to start doing. A few strokes before hitting the sack are great for evenly distributing the natural oils your scalp produces across your strands for healthy, shiny hair. Just make sure not to overdo it and remember to be gently.
4. Perfect Waves
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Everybody knows the trick about braiding your locks or twisting them up at night to wake up to gorgeous waves, but that also means flat roots, and rough strands. The easiest solution is to run a smoothing serum through your strands before you begin braiding as well as use a root lifting spray for bouncy waves instead of limp, lifeless locks.
5. Switch To Satin
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The easiest way to avoid frizziness in the morning is to trade up your pillowcases for silk or satin ones. Thanks to the friction caused when you twist and turn in your sleep, a normal pillowcase roughs up your strands, whereas a silk on will help keep it smooth.
6. Keep Your Curls Crush-Free
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All you curly-haired ladies know what a nightmare your hair looks like when you wake up in the morning. We have a solution to stop your pretty curls from getting crushed as you lay in bed, just flip your hair over and tie a silk scarf around your head (like a thick hair-band). This will help maintain your natural curl pattern while you snooze.
7. Prolong Your Blow Dry
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Want to make your bouncy blow dry or fabulous style last another day or two? Just pick up a dry shampoo and add a generous dose on your strands as well as on your roots to sap up any signs of greasiness. Just tousle or brush in the morning and walk out with revived locks.
8. Love Your Long Locks
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If you have long hair, tie it up in a loose bun before drifting off into dreamland to prevent it from knotting up while you sleep. It also helps keep your hair off your face as well as keeps it frizz-free, caused by the friction against your pillow and sheets. You can also wrap it in a silk scarf for smoother locks when you wake up.

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