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8 Funny Things Your Neighbor Does to Annoy You

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“Love thy neighbor’s.”

Whoever said this lived in some remote village in Rajasthan with one neighbor living mile away and met him once a year. If brought back to life today and given a change to live in an apartment house in Mumbai he would not just take his words back but eat them too. We all have had good and bad experiences with our neighbors but here’s a list of things, in our life, in which our neighbors take more interest than our parents. At times you don’t bother giving it a second thought but your neighbors… YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THEY DO!!!…

Time you leave or come home.
A watchdog is another word that defines our beloved neighbors. If you come home late one night, you will find them talking to your parents about the increasing crime rates in your city and eventually slipping in the sentence, “Par aajkal k bache sunte kaha hai. Maine dekha aapka Monu bhi toh kal raat ko kitnaaaa late aayaaaaaa!”

Your Skin
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You get a tan/ scar/ pimple /acne and more than you your neighbor looks in pain. They will make you feel as if your pimple is so big that you were probably shot in the face. A pimple, at times even your boyfriend/girlfriend won’t notice your but how… how…how can it miss you neighbors eye!

Your Driving Skills
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Analysis of your driving skill might not be done by the driving instructor when they teach you to drive but it will take only 2 second for your neighbor to conclude whether or not you’re a good driver. Sometimes you fall into the bad driver’s list and end up losing your vehicle. Special mention to the neighbor who recommended this to your parents!

Your Weight
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You may wear dark clothes to hide that extra flab or wear loose clothes or walk with a friend who is even fatter than you. No matter what you do you can’t hide your fats from them (your neighbors). NOTE FOR THE LADIES: If you really want to know if you have put on weight, don’t ask your boyfriend/husband. Ask your neighbor and I promise the review will have you start your work out early next morning.

People you talk to in the locality
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I dare you. I double dare you. Try and do this. Go talk to any one person of your opposite sex for over 10 minutes when your neighbor is around and the detailed report of how you were standing, how many times you giggled and laughed or how angrily you spoke; it will be multiplied by a coefficient of infinity and will be royally submitted to your parents. When you get home you will not even know for what you are getting beaten up.

Your school /college results
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After a period of time you and your buddies accept and will make over the scores you received in your school & collage but did you explain it to your neighbor. If you want to live in peace and not get taunted for the rest of your life please explain why you received shameful grades so that they don’t pinch your parents every now and then on this very very very …. Extremely sensitive issue!

Your clothes/ hairstyle
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You actually didn’t know how cool your parents are till your neighbors’ come up with the following sentences;
“Beeti neeche poore kapde pehena ke toh jao.”
“Sonu tumahari pant waha se fatti hai.”
“Yeh tumhare baalo ko kya huwa hai? Chidiya ka ghosla lag raha hai.”

How Dare You Date????
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Dating is a taboo. Dating is nonsense. Dating means you’re a bad influence on the kids in the entire society/neighborhood/locality in fact the entire humanity. If you are seen with any one of the opposite sex by your neighbor; you are dating! Your explanation is not asked for and the news that you are dating floats in the entire neighborhood.
But no matter how bad your previous experience has been, in times of trouble your neighbor is the one who you can run for help. My neighbor knocked this morning at the door with her trouble…. Huge crisis!
“Beta zara shakkar milega kya? Neha ke papa office jaa rahe hai, chai banani hai. Unko der ho rahi hai??”

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