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6 self defense techniques for women.

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1. React.
Sometimes you can practice high speed flinch responses and you’ll be surprised that by this movement, reaction, touch, sound that comes out of you might sometimes startle your attacked which gives you time to do something else, like run away. Distract him for a while by doing something to catch his attention.

2. Flat tyre in an unsafe area.
When this extremely filmy thing happens, don’t panic. Go ahead and drive on your rims. Get out of that place as soon as you can. New wheels are too less a price to pay for having to face unknown people that could lead problems for yourself and find yourself in difficult circumstances.

3. Grab.
Most attackers will want to over power us. To grab him is a common way of attacking. It takes away one of his weapons and then allows us to strike him when he least expects it. Try to strike whatever is closest to you until you can get to the main target if your life is in danger. When an attacker grabs your wrist grab him back, step in with a slap or strike to his eyes, nose or throat with your free arm. If he is tall, get to his side to avoid his head then knee or kick him in the groin to bring his head down so you can slap him or strike to his eyes, nose or throat.

4. Choke.
If the person attacking you attempts to choke you it’s a life threatening situation. Don’t go without air, respond quickly! First up, prevent the full force of the choke. You just need to tense your throat and tuck your chin.
When the attacker has his arms bent he can get a good choke. Now for a front two hand choke, tuck your chin and go between his arms with both your arms creating a wedge which may loosen his grip while you step forward and strike his face. Continue to fight till your attacker feels disabled so you can free yourself and run away.

5. Ground fighting.
If you end up on the ground while defending yourself or when you’re in bed or maybe on the ground at the beach, Tuck your chin, go through the attackers arms and strike some part of his while being choked with as much pressure as you can. If pushed to the ground, turn to your side and kick the attacker fast and hard to keep him away from you. Continue to kick until you can get away. If the attacker is straddled on top of you bring your knees up to him to off balance him while you strike. Strike him where ever you can. Thrash him. Sometimes biting can sound scary but if you’ve no option, go ahead and do it.

6. Weapons.
Attacks might generally attacks do not include weapons but it’s safe to get hands on instructions because in such a situation, our response must be far more accurate. If we want to learn these skills, find a martial art school that specializes in weapons. They are extremely helpful. With some teaching how to use a gun and some teaching knife fighting. Once you ace this, no attacker can ever get the better of you.

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