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5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas in your teens:

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It is that time of the year again! Santa Claus is coming, to town! Who doesn’t want to paint the town red and here are a few of the best ways as to how to:

1. Watch classics.
5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas in your teens
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Nothing better than curling up with a huge tub of popcorn with family, friends and relatives who just won’t stop talking and have an epic movie marathon! The kind of movies which are full of humor, love and joy! The kind that make you laugh till you can’t stop and the kind that help you feel better and want to spend such incredible, loving moments with the ones close to you more! And especially on such an occasion that calls for celebration. Classics have the power to instill in you a value of self worth and at the same time the power to give to people. It doesn’t get any more real! The music, the dialogues, the impeccable actors and the mood, all make for a happy time together.

2. Go carolling.
5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas in your teens
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When in doubt, turn to music! In melody is magic, and rightly so. Because nothing can make Christmas more lively and cheerful like a few good old carols!
The ones that we have been learning since childhood, about Rudolph and Santa, not only are they fun to sing but the stories teach us a lot about life and the much needed lessons we need in humility, sincerity and kindness. That and carols are super awesome! It reminds you of all the great things that christmas brings to our lives. The nostalgic trip throwback or just singing out of tune but thoroughly enjoying oneself works either way! Stop sitting at home and go out there and make the most of your vocal cords!

3. Throw a huge Christmas themed party or attend one.
5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas in your teens
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A little party never hurt nobody! A huge Christmas party with all Christmas themed lights and decorations sounds just about perfect. Little reindeer cakes and a treasure hunt organized for gifts is one of the ideal ways to spend Christmas with your loved ones. A Christmas party is incomplete without the pleasantly decorated, lovely Christmas tree with all symbols that we love. Some wine, cheese and beer pong with lots of dance sounds like the place to be in! Hurry with your guest list and invite as many people as you can, you never know who turns out to be your secret Santa! Also, Don’t forget snow. Lots of it!

4. Anonymous gratefulness.
5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas in your teens
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This Christmas, after having spent it with your loved ones and the people you know, surprise people you don’t. Give the person freezing on the street a sweater, give the child begging for money some food, go to an orphanage, spend some time with them, playing with them and at night send them all gifts! Better even, randomly send thoughtful gifts to institutions or orphanages to places thanking people who have played an important part in your life for their role and show them you care. Nothing better than watching the smile on the faces of the people who you love and the fact that their kindness is appreciated by people.

5. Be a better human being.
5 fun ways to celebrate Christmas in your teens
In case you aren’t already, pray for others’ well-being, but also your own. Don’t forget to do some wishful thinking and contemplate your life this Christmas. Not everyone has a perfect life but everyone can wish to. Christmas stands for everything that makes you want to believe in the best in the world and it is only when we take it in our stride to learn from our failures, will we see successes coming our way, riding on a sleigh! This Christmas, remember all your dreams and aspirations and make them come alive by believing in them once again. If you didn’t have time all year, Christmas is it. Promise yourself to be a better person and be the Santa not only in others but your life, by also giving yourself a few gifts now and then.

You know that thing about Christmas, when the bells ring, they make sure to keep the spirits high so don’t forget to listen to them and keep them ringing! Merry Christmas!
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