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1. Understand your Flag know what does the tricolor means.
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Know what is its purpose and teachings. Just don’t do things for the sake of it.

2. Know the fact of Republic Day.
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If you don’t know about it, it’s the high time to know everything about this suspicious day. From its history to how it all started your concept of Republic should definitely more than just a holiday.

3. Be a volunteer.
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Go to the nearest orphanage or an old age home…! Volunteer yourself for a cause. What can be a better idea of celebration than spreading Love?

4. Follow the rules.
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At least for a day do not bribe, or drive without license.

5. Go Desi.
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It’s actually fun to invite few changes, going desi will not let you down from anywhere. This Republic Day, wear Khadi, choose “Bandhani” prints or get dressed in classic Indian attires.

6. Buy Desi.
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For a Day just boycott foreign goods and choose Indian ones.

7. Enjoy DoorDarshan.
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For a day forget all the TV channels and switch to DoorDarshan. They have alot to telecast. The showcase number of shows specially designed for this day that will not only enhance your knowledge but also are very entertaining.

8. Assist the local authorities.
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Whether its municipality cleaning team or traffic police you can always raise your hands towards serving your nation.

9. Say No to non-veg.
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Real friends don’t kill friends, this is an auspicious day you should celebrate your patriotism and “Humanity” as well. So don’t kill innocent animals just for your taste-buds.

10. Strictly follow Dry Day.
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It won’t harm if you don’t drink for a day. In fact, being in your conscious will let you enjoy the Republic Day with more festivity.

11. Experience a flag hoisting ceremony.
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Visit your nearest government or public building and experience the feeling of flag hosting.

12. Take a resolution to cast your vote.
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You are an adult and you must fulfill the biggest responsibility of yours towards the country.

13. Fulfill the responsibility towards your society.
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Being a good citizen you should help you society by doing some good things like cleaning the society park, planting, get the street lights checked etc.

14. Take your first step to be a philanthropist.
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You should think how you can help for the welfare of others.

15. Visit the local Freedom Fighters.
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If any.

16. Visit your native place.
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This will not only make you find your roots but also will make you remember your childhood days, the way you use to be excited for Republic Day and other such occasions.

17. Speak in Hindi for a day.
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18. Take part in some parade or at least visit any.
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19. Atleast for a day be an Indian, not Hindu or a Sikh or some Muslim etc.
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20. Remember you are the citizen of India not Gujrat, Bengal or Maharashtra.
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21. Watch out for some famous bollywood flicks like Border, LOC, Legend Of Bhagat Singh…etc.
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22. Make sure while showing your love towards India you don’t pass any nasty comments about other countries like Pakistan or Britain etc.
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23. Respect your flag do not throw it here and there.
Also, pick if you find any.

24. Forget the Pizza, Burger and noodles for a day.
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Try the special cuisines of India. We are sure your taste buds will go ga-ga for the yummy taste of Indian Curries, Dals and Mithais.

25. You can also go to the nearest schools to see the school celebrations.
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This will get you nostalgic.

26. Preserve your patriotism.
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It should not be limited for a day or any occasion, you should have it in your Heart.

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