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20 Reasons Why Smoking Is Better Than Being In Relationship

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1. Your cigarette will always wait patiently for you in the car while you play games.
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And you know yours girlfriend’s reaction for the same 😉

2. A cigarette label comes off without a fight. 
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3. Cigarette is never late.
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Unlike your girlfriend who comes for dinner after promising for lunch.

4. Cigarette doesn’t get jealous when you grab another cigarette.
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Girlfriend can erupt even if you mistakenly look at any girl.

5. Cigarette never gets a headache.
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…and you can have them as much as you want.

6. A cigarette won’t get upset if you come home and have another cigarette.
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Don’t you dare try this with your girlfriend…!

7. You can have more than one cigarette and not feel guilty.
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Because it is completely okay to do so..

8. You can share a cigarette with your friends.
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Definitely not a girlfriend.

9. Cigarette doesn’t demand equality.
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And are definitely not feminists.

10. A cigarette doesn’t care when you come home.
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Because it comes home with you…!

11. If you change cigarette you don’t have to pay alimony.
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No court cases anything; infact you can use the money on so many other cigarettes.

12. Cigarette doesn’t talk back to you and ask a lot of silly questions.
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But a girlfriend will get your ass on fire by asking stupid questions.

13. You need not to marry a cigarette.
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And still you can live happily ever after!

14. Cigarette doesn’t have relatives that stop by and stay for a week.
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Unlike your sasu maa, saali, saala, sasurji..and who not!

15. Cigarette doesn’t have a birthday that you might forget.
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You have to treat cigarette same everyday; it demands no show offs.

16. Cigarette doesn’t demands expensive gifts.
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All it needs is a 10 rupaiye wala lighter.

17. Cigarette doesn’t need any mood to get in touch with your lips.
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Yeah…it is meant to fit in your lips.

18. You can never get pissed off with your cigarette and want to throw it out of your life.
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It will never have any “that time of month” to blame for its mood swings.

19. If you feel your friend have a better cigarette than yours you can easily shift to it.
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20. Cigarette will never complain about your smoking habit.
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You can smoke as much as you want…! No cross questioning, no melodrama, no emotional atyachar at all.
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