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1st date v/s 21st date

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Dating is a wonderful thing. Well, ummm..only till 10th date under the line. Admit it first date is something when you rubbed your asses out to make sure you only keep your best side forward, but as soon as you guys have had quite a sometime together, the real you starts coming out.
This hilarious comparison between 1st date and 21st date will give you trip down the memory lane.

1 hour before the Date
1st date: Do few last moment crunches so that it look likes that you have abs
21st date: Will try to take a relaxing nap

30 minutes before the Date

1st date: Shower, blow dry and style your hair
21st date: Wake up from the nap; blow your nose from the toilet paper you keep next to your bed

5 minutes before the date

1st date: wear the most fancy and sexy bra from your collection
21st date: put on the most comfortable flesh-toned bra that you bought from your mom

At the bar (date venue)
1st date: order beer, because you are approachable and down to earth
21st date: order vodka and soda because beer tastes so stupid and you just don’t want to take 1000 calories for the night. Hey, if you get too drunk and say dumb things, you both will laugh at it tomorrow.

During drinks
1st date: you will tell him your new and exciting story
21st date: you’ll tell him the same story for about 8th time

After two drinks
1st date: (about a scar on her body) yeah that happened while I was learning horse-riding
21st date: (same scar) it happened when I had a big mole, the doctors tried to freeze it of but it didn’t worked and the mole became SUPER-MOLE and doctors had to chop it out of my body…!

While he is in bathroom
1st date: check your e-mail quickly, and will excitedly tell your friends about how it is going
21st date: will tweet something and continue reading them even after he is back on the table

Back at your place

1st date: run in first so that you could hide that box of cookies; hide all that used undergarments lying all around, and poop quickly before he arrives.
21st date: can even tell discuss the loose motions that you had last night

On the couch
1st date: Flirt more and more until someone is brave enough to start making out
21st date: have a full-length conversation, including all those stupid noises that both of you can possibly make from your mouth

While having sex
1st date: would pretend the feeling that you think that an attractive person’s orgasm would look like
21st date: actually enjoy yourself

When he leaves the next morning
1st date: tell all your BFF’s about all that happened while staring at hi facebook pictures
21st date: continue sleeping….zzzzz…!

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