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14 Things you experience when you visit your native place

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1.Never ever expect elder people will come and talk to you.
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2.Dont expect a namaste or hand shake will be enough as a good gesture .
” Its mandatory to touch the feet of elders ”
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3.Never talk logic for any traditions even if you feel its not sensible.
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4.Elders are always right and never argue with them .
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5.Never expect you can roam alone anywhere you want without anyones consent.
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6.Never take girlfriend with you because its taboo to be with a girl without getting married to her.
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7.Never say city is much better than village.

8.Always talk good to them about the past as to how it was wonderful to be there in your childhood.

9.Problems only exist in villages ” city people have no problems what so ever “.

10.City people are very busy and never understand what it is to live in villages.
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11.You have your ancestor’s house so why build a home of your own. It will break our family.
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12.You are on vacation so what you should get up at 5 am.
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13.Its 10 am and you are still having breakfast .
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14.You city people are so weak ..
Look at me, I am 70 years old and still work hard from 5 am to evening and yet don’t get tired.
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