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10 types of guys girls hate.

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Usually girls put up with everything that they’re subjected to by the guys, but when these guys come into picture, even they can’t but not resist the feeling of disgust.

1. That guy whose entire life is up for online viewing.

Yes, that guy. Contrary to the popular myth, its not just girls. There are plenty of guys out there who like to reveal everything about themselves on social networking sites through various factors and discuss their issues, problems and achievements with anyone to leave a comment and voice their opinion on. Sometimes, less is better. And here, well, too much information!

2. That guy who acts like he’s a BIG deal.
Hi Mr showoff, Yes we’re all aware your father is corrupt and stinking rich and you have a fleet of cars, but what you also have is a bad dressing sense, a bad vocabulary and no IQ whatsoever. You’ll are the type of guys that girls look at and would probably go “Id rather be single for life.”

3. That stalker.

At some point in our lives we have all done our share of stalking but when this stalking really goes out of hand is when the girl gets 163 notifications about this guy ‘liking’ and commenting on her decade old pictures. This could possibly be the worst way to convey to a girl that you’re interested in her, back off creepy stalker.

4. That Semi-nude guy.

Now, now. I’m not saying you have a great body or you don’t. But what will it take for you to put on a shirt once in any of your pictures? That one bare chested guy who is immensely proud of his gym-made body and refuses to take pictures in any piece of cloth whatsoever, stop this obsession with being naked! Cloth was meant to be worn.

5. That guy who flirts with every girl.
First you think its just you. Then you horrible realize its been your friends too all along. Then you painfully realize its been half of his girl-friends that he has expressed his supposedly true, genuine love to. We could totally do without you guys.

6. That insecure guy.

Now it doesn’t matter what kind of a relationship the girl shared with this guy, he will always be insecure. And possessive. And controlling. Guys sometimes really need to understand that constantly checking up on girls is huge turn off and they’re just digging themselves further down the hole with these restrictions that can be extremely irritating.

7. Name call.

This one is probably the most important one and can instantly lead a woman to detest a man who either degrades women or lamely keeps reminding you that you are of the inferior sex. Goodbye, misogynist jerk.

8. That self righteous guy.

This is the judgmental guy who will probably tell you what to do, what not to do and much more right from the first time you all start talking. The preacher, as he could be not so fondly called, likes to tell everyone of what a wonderful human being he is because he doesn’t indulge in certain practices and constantly urges everyone else to follow suit.

9. That debater.

This guy loves to talk. For no reason. If you think you can say/do something without it bring judged or retorted back by anyone, think again. The senator is going to haunt you by his pointless, silly arguments that make no sense to anyone but him. Let’s all take a moment for all the time wasted in the arguments he created because nothing anyone has an opinion about ever felt right to him.

10. That needy guy.

This overly emotional guy is the reason for all your tears. Nor only does he share his dramatic past, present, future sob stories but also each and every emotion that goes through him, mostly sad, and needs constant reassurance about himself and needs you to be there at all times of self doubt and pity.

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