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10 Tricks for Every Teenager During Halloween

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It’s that and the only time of the year again! When young, old, big, small, all unite in the hope of driving away and conquering the one thing that gives us all the chills fear! All teens, attack in 3, 2, 1….

1) Eggs:

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This prank requires the teens to simply gather all the different eggs that they can and either throw at houses, cars or the people they know. The eggs could vary accordingly so the more customized egg, the scarier it is. This could get ugly if tried at people who they are not friends with, so be sure to egg the people who will have as much fun as you will and not get angry.

2) Pumpkins:

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There are a lot of things one can do with pumpkins. The three craziest ones are: Steal, Swap and Smash. Or you do all of them together! Stealing the pumpkins from your friends and neighbor houses, swapping them with each other and smashing them, but not too violently can prove to be good pranks that are fun to play in other people.

3) Surprise! Surprise!

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This prank involves the person surprising their friends by either popping out of somewhere or making sure that something else that is scary, or glows pops out from an unusual place. These pranks can be played by sending meaningless, scary gifts to people and also scaring them with cutouts or models of ghosts!

4) The Basic Scare:
The basic scare is for the weak hearted. It involves the people scaring the others using small basic scares like sing them from the behind or leaving a trail and putting up a scary object in front of them. The basic scares are small things that teens can do to repeatedly scare a person with small objects or at small intervals.

5) Inanimate Object:
This type of Halloween prank involves the people dressing up as random inanimate objects and becoming completely recognizable so as to scare the people around them when they are not aware of the person who is dressed up. This can be done either in the house or the streets where you scare completely random strangers by being present right where there are and suddenly coming out of character.

6) Darkness:
Total dark involves scaring people by either turning the lights off at random class ions in houses, offices or the street lights. Here, the intensity of the darkness and the kind of sounds that are made and the sudden focus of the light on the ghosts are scary and terrifying to watch or listen to and is sure to get you a few screams.

7) Stalker:

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In this prank, you begin by following any particular person. You keep targeting this single person and keep scaring him using different methods at unexpected intervals. Therefore, the person by the end of the prank is petrified and is expecting to be scared again and again.

8) Secrets:
For after all, what are secrets for anyway? To reveal! And scare, only sometimes though. Find out a few secrets about the people close to you and reveal them in the form of the demons of their past but don’t make it too ugly. These could be small things that the people might have faced or seen that you can either show or make them listen to, which is a surprise scare.

9) Guessing Game:
Guessing game involves the teens to send presents that are weird and ale no sense to their friends. Either they deliver these presents or take them personally to them and keep them guessing. These gifts could involve live animals, dead things or anything that’s gross in general. The surprise element is the main scary factor of this prank.

10) Treasure Hunt:
A treasure hunt is self-explanatory, including the petrifying treasure. The kids are required to make a treasure hunt for their friends and relatives which involves a lot of obstacles that look to scare them at the wrong places and time. This treasure hunt can start from a lot of scare and progress finally to just a little or vice versa. The clues could be in the form of voices, objects, etc.

Happy Halloween!

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