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10 Things that only a hosteller will understand

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Living in a hostel is a great experience for everyone. It lets you live your life at your own. Hostel life is always going to stay as best memories of your life.
If you are living in a hostel, you will surely relate to the following things:
Whatever is in the menu of the hostel, you are sure that it won’t taste good. You just cannot identify the shape of the chapattis, you often get confused that the veggies are in the curry or curry is in the veggies. Ghar ka khana is something that is only in dreams now. Maggie noodles and wafers are now your saviors.

TV…?? How Does It Look Like?
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Once you start living in the hostel you forget TV. You have forgotten your favorite TV-series. Now, You have to keep yourself entertained through games, gossips and books.

Movie Is a Must

Though you are not provided with TV, you have simply switched to PVR and Cinemax. You cannot afford missing any movie. Even If the movie has a bad star-cast you just cannot give it a miss because that is a part of your weekly entertainment.

You Never Have To Go To Beauty Salons

Waxing, clean-up and make-up everything is done with the help of friends. You never need to make a hole in your pocket by paying the huge bills of beauty salons. Your friends always help you as your personal beautician. Salute to that mutual understanding.

You have two families

We thank god for the wonderful family we have. But you people are surely luckier to have 2 families at a time. The one is the default one whom you meet in the vacations and the other one is your customized family with whom you stay day and night.
If you are going home, you have to bring goodies for all you friends
Once, you are back from home, your friends will rush to check your bag to check what all you have bought for them. You better forget all that matthi, laddoo and namkeens that your mother gave; they are not going to reach your belly anyways.

You know all the gossips

No matter you are interested or not, no matter you are involved or not. No gossip could ever get spread without going through your ears. You know each and every detail of every hook-up, break-ups and fights.

Clothing is never a problem

You not necessarily need to buy a new dress for all occasions. You can simply ask your friends to help you out or can even share their clothes. No need to spend 5 thousand bucks for buying an anarkali, that remains kept in your wardrobe after one use. You can simply borrow one.

Bringing alcohol inside the hostel was most fun experience

Being talli once in hostel life is guaranteed. Bringing that bottle with utmost care and protection and then getting drunk with your friends after everyone gets asleep is something that every hosteller does.

You always have to worry about the security of your personal things

In each and every hostel there is surely a secret someone who steals things of others. No matter it was some sort of eatables, or you favorite jeans or valuables that person would definitely try stealing it. To safeguard your things, you always need to ensure that your suitcase is properly locked or not, your wardrobe is locked or not and blah… blah…!

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