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10 things teens feel inferior about

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1. Fading away.

The Teenage Quests never end. It’s a quest to make a mark on whatever world they see. They want to be remembered by everyone and the thought that their existence might be forgotten makes them feel inferior.

2. Losing friends.

A teen’s world is usually their own friend circle and life surrounding their schools and colleges. They tend to believe that their friends are going to stick through them through thick and thin and hence try to avoid arguments with them in the fear of losing them.

3. Others achievements.

Teenagers fail to see that theirs a world ahead of their pity quests towards achievements and laurels. A life that is yet to be lived and explored.

4. Others’ happy lives:

Teenagers believe in living in their own bubble where they are mesmerized by other’s happy lives which they conclude by what they think they see, this sense of problems leads to sadness which further materialises to a weird phase of ‘self inferiority’. Where the teens make themselves believe that there’s something wrong with them, and further fall lower into depression.

5. Others getting more attention.

Right from finding a room of self pity to sympathy, inferiority runs it’s course in every growing teenager. Making them believe in something being wrong with them, or to the direct comparisons.

6. Competition.

Losing the self belief and self worth of one being upto mark begins with societal competition. Can be related to studies or even social and asocial matters.

7. Looks.

Having an eye on the bestest of best or mere comparison from the people around them seeps in a rush to get a sense of doubt towards oneself. Inferiority complexes could be imparted, or set off in a teenager could be set off by maybe one comment on the way one dresses or by getting someone to feel superior over yourself.

8. Not being as rich as the others.

Thus is extremely common among the teens but inferiority complexes related to monetary values shouldn’t be present in any individual. Every individual is special, running the universe in its own way and money is just another pointless means of living. Finding space where one is recognized is what the teens must run towards, not cash.

9. Watching others being confident and emotionless.

What teens fail to realize is that motion is good; it is nothing to be ashamed of. Emotion makes us better- so long as it remains in it’s proper place: subject to truth and reason.

10. What others think of them.

For such teens, a perspective shift is must. The idea that only our reputation matters is where our teens are greatly misguided. You should care what people think of you, not make it your priority.

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