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10 things living in hostel has taught me

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Living by yourself

Living in hostel has first introduced me to independence.It taught me to handle issues alone and all help i can get is by myself.

Do it by yourself remedies
Burnt , hurted , sobbing , ill ……. Do it yourself remedies.No doctor , no beautician …. living in hostel has made me invent certain things too, to help me in my daily routine life.

Chucking off life’s struggle and having fun

Yes. Living in hostel has taught me live life to fullest.Theres no time to feel tired or quit.Just chuck on your issues and live life.

Calculative spending

Limited pocket money and all by your own.Everyone turns out to be a miser after certain months in hostel when they know last days of the month is what the toughest part of living in hostel is….. So save and have fun.

Sharing is necessity rather than caring

Oh you want my trouser … shirt .. oh my deo …. But i think you never share your things with us then why should we ?
And thats where sharing becomes a necessity…. towards the end of the hostel life you will be like keeping things around everywhere in your room and everyone will be using each other’s stuff as if its their own.

Friends for lifetime

Hostel is fun but also tough to be in.In this phase you however find friends and their friendship which will lasts for lifetime.

Surviving without complaining over taste of food

You stop complaining about taste of your food and eat almost everything and anything which is served hot.

Tackling with all kinds of people diplomatically
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You almost have to be with all kinds of people around you.You tend to become a master of diplomatically handling all these irritating to fun loving beings around you

Handling freedom responsibly

Freedom becomes responsibility and you tend to get mature when you know you are your own caretaker .. in good and also in bad .

We get to know what exactly are we

All these years in hostel you tend to discover yourself .. you tend to know what exactly are you .. your weakness , strength , mood , hobby ……

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