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10 Food for smokers

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To all those smokers who are finding it difficult to quit the habit can put a big smile of relief on their face. There are foods that can give you some respite.
We all know smoking can be dangerous and fatal diseases caused by smoking make things worse for smokers.
Some foods are beneficial for smokers’ health. Uncovering those foods for you.
Fighter Phytochemical Flavonoids
It is proven that a phytochemical known as flavonoid and named as ‘catechin’ controls the harmful substances caused due to smoking. . So, here is the list of foods that contains ‘catechin.’
1) Black Grapes
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Black means better, at least for this fruit and for the smokers. Presence of Flavonids makes this an obvious choice. Keep this in your diet to prevent smoking related health hazards.

2) Blackberries
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This is another excellent option to get rid of hazards caused by smoking. empowered with flavonoids this food can help you a lot. Get them as many as you can to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Citrus Fruits
Smokers are guilty of vitamin C deficiency in their body. Harmful elements that are released during smoking are responsible for low Vitamin C. Usually, they need more of it than the recommended standard for non-smokers. So, intake of citrus fruits can be really helpful.

3) Oranges
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Oranges are full of Vitamin of this vitamin. Take your oranges in every form and usher in a wonderful future

4) Carrot Juice
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With every puff, cigarette leaves its mark within the body in the form of harmful chemicals. In return, that mark damages the health. Presence of Vitamin C in carrots has the power to fight against those damaging elements.

5) Broccoli
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This green coloured gem is the storehouse of Vitamin C. By taking this food you are going to help yourself. Use this weapon to prevent damages.

6) Kiwi Fruit
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This is another fighter which has the power to fight against the smoking hazards. With ample amount of Vitamin C in it, this food taken in plenty can be a real help to revive the body.

Vitamin E Food
One can lower the risk of smoking by eating foods containing Vitamin E.

7) Eggs
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An egg is rich in vitamins E. Affluence of this vitamin in egg has the power to promise a happy life for cigarette blowers.

8) Canola or Olive Oil

olive oil benefits

olive oil benefits

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Use this two wonderful resources of vitamin E to wipe away the smoking related problems. These two will help to regain the flexibility and work-ability of the lungs.

Calciferous Vegetables
These food items are the rich resource of isothiocyanates and anti-oxidants. This has the power to fights odds.

9) Cauliflower
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Anti-oxidants and other nutrients in Cauliflower enhance body cleaning activities. So, eat more cauliflower and keep your body out of the risk.

10) Radishes
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Radish also contains influential compound called sulforaphane. This can command authority over different types of cancer and prevent them to some extent.

These foods are helpful in preventing the bad and side effects of smoking. But these are not the ultimate solution.

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