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10 Feminism quotes that we are tired of hearing

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Brace yourselves people! The men Vs women debate is about to start! Yeah, yeah, we know what feminism is and we duly respect that too..! but here, what we are going to talk is about “feminism overload”. There is a great need to understand the basics of feminism i.e. women needs to be treated equally “NOT” better than others. The thin line between feminism and “sexist” is going to be revealed here.
1. We are equal
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Yeah okay..
Unless it comes to pulling your chair, holding the door open for you, paying your bills, and being nice to you no matter how badly fuc**d we are.

2. I won’t change my surname
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Fine with us..
But wait.. what if your existing surname is some “Ghodiwala”, “chemburwala” or something like “DumDum DiggaDigga”… 😛

3. You can’t be friends with my EX
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If you are my boyfriend and if you want to continue as one then better just don’t try being friends with my EX-it is like the basic rule of Feminism.

4. Privilege of denying everything what a man says
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A guy once told me he didn’t agree with me. “OMG..he should not be able to do that! I badly need Feminism for the rescue.

5. We can do everything a man can
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Yes of course you can.. I mean u should..!
We are hell tired of playing video games, walking Bare-chested, and driving properly with our male friends. “Welcome to the league”

6. Women make the world a better place to live in
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Well, we’d have a lot of peace and quite and a lot of more money. Plus we’d be missing out on a lot of funny opportunities as we wudn’t have as many jokes to tell.

7. Only a woman can give birth to babies
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Blame god! it’s a mistake made by God.
Oh.! Wait…did you just say “MISTAKE”??? “now I am so sure God must be a Man.

8. I am on my periods
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Oh yeah yeah yeah..!!! now you can shout, can be a total freak, Act stupid throw things on anybody and blame it all on PMS’s.

9. We are the master of cooking
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If only women are good cooks why most of the chefs hired in Restaurants are men??
Or do we all go to restaurants to eat bad food..?

10. We are good with cars
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Okay. But can you tell us why all of you are drivers but none of you is a mechanic?? Is it because the color of grease don’t goes well with your clothes OR nail paint OR accessories Or manicure OR…ARRRGGHHH..!!!

For gods sake give us a break. I mean we men are always up for feminism and you mean a lot to us.
Also, we owe a lot to you, you are the reason of our existence but “Feminism Overload” is a big NO NO.
“ Feminism ka vaar,Mat karo har baar”

Pasting the Feminism philosophy everywhere is more like trying to connect an air conditioner with a Two-pinned plug 😉


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