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10 Expectations of an Engineer v/s Reality.

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Expectation is a word, which so steeped in the society, that at every one demands a piece of you, especially when you are qualified and more so when you are qualified engineer.

As soon as you become an Engineer;

Expectation No.01: As soon as you get Engineering Degree you shall land with a job in blue chip companies.
Reality: Forget Blue chip even small scale industries are apprehensive of giving you the job.
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Expectation No.02: You shall receive multiple offers from multiple companies and you can pick and choose job of your liking.
Reality: Forget Choosing, after remaining jobless, frustration and depression takes over and compels you to take whatever is offered to you.
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Expectation No.03: You start earning in six figures from day one.
Reality: You shall be lucky to get a job.
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Expectation No.04: You are very intelligent
Reality: You realise that you are the dumbest person in the world. Commerce and Arts Graduates are much better and more intelligent.
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Expectation No.05: Start designing all hi-fi stuff.
Reality: You realise you are good at nothing.
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Expectation No.06: You expect with your qualification, hard work, intelligence gives you right to speak your mind.
Reality: You realise that you are one of the many many Engineers in the organisation, who has no right to speak, say or express their view points and you are not allowed to think.
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Expectation No.07: You being an Engineer are in exalted position in the organisation having his/her own cubicle with large table and chairs for the visitors.
Reality: You realise that workspace is so crammed that only Laptop/PC with In-Out Tray barely fits in and remaining space is occupied by so called ergonomically designed Chair.
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Expectation No.08: You being Engineer, knowing all the fundamentals of Engineering, that means you are having problem solving ability.
Reality: You realise that you have problem solving ability, but you do not know the basics of Spreadsheet (Excel and similar software), MS Office. Hence you are not employable. Somehow our educationist has forgot to include MS Office as one of the main subjects.
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Expectation No.09: Being an Engineer is so exciting, discovering, inventing, learning new technologies.
Reality: You go to office, sit in front of PC, Punch Keys, do your job and go home.Wanted to Change, did not want to lead life like your parents did. Alas, you are doing same stuff what your parents did, albeit, in different time and in different profession.
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Expectation No.10: You think your life has started Rolling it is all bed of roses.
Reality: You realise it is yet to start and not knowing when it will start.
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