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10 Best Dishes of Punjab To Try Once

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Punjabi food is the food with lots of spices, desi ghee and the most heavenly taste you can ever taste in your life. Punjabi food not only satiates our hunger but also satisfies our hearts. We bet that whenever you taste Punjabi food no matter where you are, a dhaba or a fancy restaurant, you are simply going lick the plate out.

1. Makki di Roti te Sarso da Saag
Makki ki Roti te Sarso Da Saag, A classic Punjabi cuisine, loved by everyone. The soft yellow roti made up of golden corn flour, tastes perfect with the saag and a generous mix of ghee. If you feel like experimenting, you can also give it a try with jaggery too. This is one delicious dish that you cannot miss at any cost when in Punjab!
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2. Butter Chicken
What can be a better place to have mouth-watering chicken than the Land of Butter Chicken itself? Cooked after marinating chicken overnight, it is roasted in a heavenly mixture of tomato puree, spices and cream. The more will be the butter; the better will be the gravy! Dig into it with bare hands and experience foodgasm at its best.
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3. Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Chicken is available everywhere but nobody can ever make the
Tandoori Chicken the way Punjabis make it. If you haven’t had the traditional Tandoori Chicken in Punjab, you are missing out on life! The thick gravy with the lip-smacking smell of the spices will make sure that you slurp your plate clean!
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4. Dal Makhni
No-no, don’t you dare think it is just another dal, for Punjabis, this is the simplest and easiest way to spice up a boring meal. The desi white cream or makkhan melts so perfectly in the dal giving a heavenly taste that only Punjab can offer.
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5. Rajma Chaawal
Everyone’s favourite! You can have rajma chaawal at a fancy restaurant or a roadside dhaba of Punjab, but the magic will always remain the same! And while you are having it the desi way, with the help of your hand, just don’t miss onion rings and curd to go with it. Just so finger licking good!
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6. Kadhi Chaawal
Kadhi chaawal with added pakoras to go with it is another Punjabi Cuisine that you must taste when in Punjab. The sourer the taste is the better! Curd adds the tanginess and Kadhi patta adds just the right amount of flavors to it. To taste it at its best, simply, ditch the cutlery and get dirty with your hands!
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7. Chhole Bhature
Deeply fried bhature with masaledaar chhole is another mouth-watering dish available in every nook and corner of Punjabi Galliyan. This dish is traditionally served with onions, lemon and green chutney that leaves you feeling full! The oilier the hands, the better it is!
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8. Amritsari Kulche
Amritsari Kulche are not the regular kulche. A special Punjabi treat, they are stuffed with mashed potatoes and served best with fried hari mirchi, pickles and curd. The dish is not too heavy and is a perfect quick fix for your munching pangs.
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9. Aaalo Parantha
Whoever first discovered aaloo parantha surely deserves a prize as every Indian on this Planet surely likes nice, healthy, home-made aaloo parantha with makhan. This is surely a favourite Punjabi breakfast; visit a Punjabi friend or dhaba to savour the real taste of the most popular dish of Punjab.
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10. Lassi da glass
Finish it all with an authentic, tall glass of lassi and you are good to go! No beverage in this world has such a heavenly taste. Congratulations, you just experienced foodgasm, my dear!
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