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10 Beauty Myths that females have.

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Since childhood we have had the privilege of having many such comments which are considered as beauty tips by our great grandmothers while a few are just there in your system and you are clueless about it. Some of them maybe near to being genuine but rest are absolutely myths.

Plucking your hair will make them Gray.
Remember the time your mom told you never to pluck a grey hair as it has some liquid in its roots which spreads and makes even more of your hair strands to grey out. And you believe it till date. This is absolutely ridiculous as there is no viral infection in your grayed hair that would spread. Your hair will still turn grey once u have reached the older age or u have hereditary or genetic combination for graying hair. So pluck as many as you want. It wouldn’t make any difference.

Shaving your legs will make more hairs to grow.
Your mom always told you never ever shave your legs. This would make the hair thicker and increase the hair growth But when in school where pocket money was little less we all tried our hand on shaving. And till date we feel the long hairs we have are a result of those razors we used. Rest yourself at peace shaving does’t have any such effect. It only makes the hair buds sharp when in between shaves and the length also remains the same.

Its good if a natural product tingle your skin.
Tingling on skin doesn’t mean that the product is doing its tricks and working wonders for your skin. It actually is the skin’s way of telling you it’s irritating it and would lead to inflammation. So please listen to your skin.

Chocolate and junk foods give you Acne.
Its good to have a healthy lifestyle but when it comes to acne chocolates and other junk food is not the culprit. Its mostly because of over secretion of oil from your sebaceous glands that cause acne. what triggers it is still under consideration, so no amount of those extra dark chocolates would cause more acne to occur. Go ahead and enjoy a few treats.

Shampoos stop working after a while if you don’t switch them.
We have actually thought this to be a myth but it’s a fact that after a while your hair grows immune to a particular brand of shampoo and clinical experts have even been able to prove it. Its now a good advice to have a change of our shampoo after a while.

Wearing makeup daily worsen your skin.
Makeup is for making those pretty ladies a little more prettier and you are free to wear it daily. The real culprit for skin damage is not getting this stuff off from your face effectively. Be sure to remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Expensive cosmetic products are better off than the inexpensive once.
The fact is that the amount of money you put in your beauty products doesn’t guarantee the best product there are good and bad products in all price range. Its the contents of the product that decide whether it’s good or bad for your skin and not its price.

You will outgrow your acne with age.
It’s really sad but nothing of this sort ever happens. Old Women, young ladies and teenagers all are equally prone to acne as it’s caused by hormones which may trigger anytime. So no matter what age you are and never had acne in your life. You are still susceptible to it.

Drinking more water helps treat dry skin.
Drinking lots of water is good for your health but even litres of water can’t put in moisture to your dry skin. Scientists have checked upon the water content of oily as well as dry skin types and they have found no difference in it. It’s better to keep your skin moisturised then completely depending on water

Products that claim to remove wrinkles.
There is nothing yet in the market that can remove wrinkles. No matter what products claim or how highly priced they are they are insufficient to remove wrinkles which are caused by permanent skin damage or aging. As such there is no cream that will reverse ageing unless you have a time machine or else go in for a cosmetic surgery.

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